Do you want to know about some of the most magical stuff ever?
Let me try to contain myself as I tell you all about it!

I've always been a fan of fermented veggies and beverages because of how delicious and nutrient-rich they are. What I am not a fan of however is their cost, so I finally started reading up on fermentation and the different techniques to make probiotic-rich recipes at home. During my research I came across a random recipe for something called beet kvass. I thought to myself..."beet-k-what?", and I had to know more. 

Beet kvass is an amazing blood-alkalizing juice tonic that originates from Eastern Europe. It's loaded with probiotics and minerals, and is very cleansing to the liver and kidneys. It has been valued for its medicinal qualities for thousands of years and is even widely used today as a part of cancer therapy in Europe. Anecdotal reports show that it has successfully helped relieve chronic fatigue, inflammation, digestive issues, skin problems, allergies, kidney stones, and more. 

Beet kvass has a salty, sweet, earthy flavor, and after having it a few times I really started to enjoy it. It is definitely an acquired taste, but the health benefits totally outweigh the adjustment to it. My family drinks a few ounces everyday along with our other supplements.

It is made by fermenting beets in water with salt. The fermentation process pulls all of the nutrition from the beets into the liquid, making it very easy for your body and cells to absorb. It only takes 5-10 minutes to prepare, and 3-7 days to ferment (depending on your own taste).

To get started you will need

  • 5-6 organic beets
  • 2 tablespoons of himalayan or sea salt
  • Filtered water
  • Gallon size glass jar and lid
  • Optional flavoring: ginger, lemon, ect

  1. Wash your beets and leave the skin on them if they're organic, but peel if they're not.
  2. Chop them into small 1/2 inch- 1 inch cubes. Avoid chopping them too small because that can lead to rapid fermentation and alcohol production (hmmmm, or should you...just kidding).
  3. Clean your jar very well and place the beets inside.
  4. Add salt, and any other flavor options you wish.
  5. Fill the jar with filtered water leaving 1 inch of head space, and cover tightly with the lid.
  6. Leave the jar at room temperature on the counter (out of direct sunlight), and allow to ferment.
  7. Check it daily and remove the lid to release any built up gas. This step is very important because it prevents the jar from building too much pressure and exploding! 
  8. You will see bubbling during the fermentation process. It's pretty cool! If any scum appears on the surface during fermentation just scrape it off with a clean plastic utensil or paper towel. 
  9. After 3 days, use a clean plastic spoon to give it a taste. If it is strong enough for you, strain the liquid into another glass container and transfer it to the fridge. You can drink it right away, but it is better if it sits in the fridge for another few days. You can ferment it at room temperature for up to a week, so just experiment with it to find your preference. Once in the fridge it will last for at least a month or so!

After you transfer your batch of beet kvass to the fridge, you can use the same beets to do a second ferment! It may not be as strong as the first, but it is still full of the same probiotics and minerals. Just leave the beets with a cup or so of the kvass liquid in the jar, add the salt, flavoring, and water, and proceed as before! 

I hope you enjoy this nutrition-packed beverage as much as I do!

Have you ever made beet kvass? What did you think?