Essential Oil

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the volatile liquids that are distilled from plants (shrubs, bushes, trees, leaves, bark, roots, fruit, stems, flowers, and seeds). They are often called the “life blood” of the plant because they carry nutrients and oxygen throughout the plant system. Composed of very tiny molecules, they are able to penetrate cells both deeply and quickly, and are capable of passing the blood-brain barrier, which few substances can do. They are the basis for all botanical medicines and remedies, and are the root of today’s pharmaceutical industry. For thousands of years cultures around the world have used their therapeutic properties for a wide variety of ailments. Their benefits can be experienced by applying topically, inhaling, ingesting, and diffusing!

Are all oils created equal?

Sadly, no. The purity and therapeutic value of an essential oil are determined by its chemical constituents. The chemical constituents are affected by many things like which part of the plant was used, the soil and geographical region it was grown in, the season it was harvested, and the distillation process. The vast majority of essential oils produced today are used in the perfume industry; these oils are mass produced quickly, under high heat and pressure, and by adding chemical solvents. While they may smell nice and even cost less, they will lack most, if not all, of the chemical constituents and therapeutic value.

Why choose Young Living?

When I first started using essential oils, I did a TON of research on the subject. I was very impressed with Young Living as a company and with the high quality products they produce. Celebrating 22 years in business, they are by far the world leader in essential oil. Their purity standards are the highest, and what sets them apart from all other companies is their 'Seed To Seal' guarantee. They cultivate and control their own farms all around the globe, weed by hand, use their own oils for pest control, and distill their oils without the use of any chemicals. When using Young Living, I know without a doubt that each bottle is therapeutic grade and safe for my family.

Click here to learn more about Young Living's 'Seed to Seal' Guarantee

What are they used for? 
The possibilities are endless; I use my oils every day! I use them to promote health and boost the immune system. I've lowered fevers, taken away many headaches and upset stomachs, and even found relief and comfort using them during a natural labor! I clean and cook with them, use them for skin care and in DIY beauty products, and to promote restful sleep for my family.
It's amazing all that they are capable of! 

How do I get started? 
Young Living makes it VERY easy to start using essential oils because they have the best and most affordable Starter Kits around! Instead of paying the full retail price for one oil at a time, a Starter Kit gets you 11 everyday oils, a FREE diffuser, and a ton of other awesome samples and information! Not only is a Starter Kit the most cost-effective way to begin, but it also gives you a wholesale membership with a 24% discount on all future purchases! Becoming a wholesale member is an affordable way to start replacing harmful household products with essential oils!

Does becoming a "wholesale member" mean I am required to keep buying?
Or to sell anything?
No! Purchasing a Starter Kit is a one-time transaction and your card will not be charged again, until you choose to order in the future. Ordering your kit and becoming a "wholesale member" only means a lifetime membership with the benefit of 24% off retail prices. As wholesale members we do have the opportunity to share essential oils with family and friends to earn commission, however you are under no obligation whatsoever to buy or sell anything! Some people just use their oils, and others turn this into a thriving business, getting their oils for free! 

The Starter Kits! 
Each Premium Starter Kit comes with:
  • Customizable Diffuser
  • Premium Essential Oils Collection
    • Lavender 5-ml
    • Peppermint Vitality 5-ml
    • Lemon Vitality 5-ml
    • Copaiba Vitality 5-ml
    • Frankincense 5-ml
    • Thieves Vitality 5-ml
    • Purification 5-ml
    • R.C. 5-ml
    • DiGize Vitality 5-ml
    • PanAway 5-ml
    • Stress Away 5-ml
  • AromaGlide Roller Fitment
  • 10 Sample Packets
  • 10 Love It? Share It! Sample Business Cards
  • 10 Love It? Share It! Sample Oil Bottles
  • 2 NingXia Red 2-oz sample packets
  • Product Guide and Product Price List
  • Essential Oil Magazine
  • Essential EdgeMember Resources

Pick your Starter Kit Diffuser!
Become a member!
Are you ready to take control of your family's health and wellness and start your essential oil journey? Ordering your Starter Kit and becoming a member is easy! Once you join our oily team, you will receive all the resources you need to get started, access to our private team Facebook page, and you will have my support along the way!

To get started just follow these easy steps:

2. In order to purchase your Starter Kit make sure the 'Wholesale' option is checked! Also note that because Young Living is a referral based business, you will be asked who introduced you- the 'Enroller ID' and 'Sponsor ID' boxes should be filled in already. If not then just paste in my ID: 1596606
3. Fill in all of your personal information and create your username, password, and PIN- make sure you write these down because you will need them to log into your account! You will also be asked for your SSN (as a wholesale member you are eligible to be paid commissions, so Young Living needs this only for tax purposes. I WILL NOT have access to this information).
4. Choose Your Starter Kit! The Young Living Premium Starter Kit with the Dew Drop Diffuser will already be selected for you, but you will have the option to change it if you wish.
5. Skip the Essential Rewards stuff for now, but you'll want to know about the added savings later!
6. Enter your payment information and select your shipping.
*FedEx Ground is guaranteed
Congratulations! Your kit is on the way!

If you're interested in learning more and would like additional information on essential oils and their uses, please let me know! I would love to help and answer any questions you may have! 
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